Greek Gods & Goddesses

omaha ne dating services In Language Arts class at Walden, we just wrapped up a 5 week unit on Greek Mythology. We started by discussing the need for humans to explain phenomena that they do not understand, mainly events occurring in nature. From there we had a conversation on human nature and how or why they thought that the ancient Greeks were so afraid of these Gods that they created. This sparked some creative ideas and questions. In the classroom, we started “growing” a Greek Mythology Family Tree, which started with Chaos and ended with the 12 Olympians. We wrapped up our studies by dressing up as an assigned Olympian and teaching the rest of the class about the assigned gods. Included in these monologues were the genealogy and famous stories from each of these Olympians. We were sad to see this unit come to an end.

Get More Info Bridge Engineering Project Our latest investigation was the Bridge Project. The class was divided into 3 teams. Each team came up with a name and designated individuals in their group to be the architect, accountant, builder, project manager and transportation chief. They each has specific rules to play buy. For example, the architect submitted the blue prints for the bridge, but could not help in the physical building of their team’s bridge. Each day the accountant wrote checks for supplies and balanced the books, while the transportation chief picked up and delivered the supplies back to the team. The team was also audited and fined for improper balancing of the books. At the end of 2 weeks, we put the bridges to the test to see which one could bear the most weight. The winning bridge had 7 full soda cans hanging from the middle before it broke.

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Posted by Walden School on Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Web Site – Phase 1 of our coding program


Walden is rolling out the carpet on a new 3 year repeating block that will introduce basic computer technology, computer coding and web and app development. Since this is the 1st phase, we have all of the students working on to help them begin an understanding of what computer programming is and how it is beneficial to their futures. Next year, those who have not moved on to high school, will get started on a new, more in depth program that they will follow through into 8th grade. We are excited about this new direction at Walden and the students are loving Coming Soon

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Doughboys, Flappers and Alphabet soup….. An in depth look at the years 1915-1935…. Stay tuned for more information as we travel back in time.