Walden Private Middle School Curriculum

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paginas conocer gente sin pagar Walden maintains a curriculum that engages students, allowing them to take their knowledge and skills and use them in new ways to solve problems. We want our young people to be both competent and confident as they reach the level of high school. Our commitment is to provide a school that is safe, fair and challenging to our students.


http://sparkbomb.com/magikan/12049 InvestigationsInvestigations are the core of the Walden academic program. Students are required to complete several investigations each year chosen from different subject areas, and selected with the individual’s unique interests in mind. The final presentation of the investigation includes oral, written and visual components. The student must demonstrate that they actually “own” the information. These investigations stress the processes of learning, research, writing comprehensive papers, meeting deadlines, analyzing data, oral communication and visual presentation. We want our young people to know “how to learn” and “how to communicate what they have learned.”

Language Arts

russische frauen in deutschland kennenlernen kostenlos Language ArtsLiterature, writing and language mechanics are the three primary components to the language arts program. Literature forms the foundation of all reading and writing skills. We want our students to read for enjoyment and personal growth while developing skills in analysis and criticism. Sharing books through out loud reading is an enriching activity that promotes a lifelong love of books. Language mechanics are essential tools for developing the writing proficiency necessary for higher education. Grammar, spelling and punctuation practice form a strong foundation for both creative and academic writing. Writing projects range from poetry, personal journals, short stories and plays to essays, biographical sketches and research writing. Our purpose is for students to feel comfortable with self expression and secure In their academic writing skills.


reddit gay dating apps MathAt Walden School we want each child to feel confident and perform proficiently in his or her math abilities. Students work in small groups at an appropriate and challenging skill level. We believe that a strong foundation in basic math skills lays the groundwork for higher math study. Three levels of math are offered; general math, pre-algebra, and Algebra 1. Math study is not limited to drill and practice. It also involves hands on experiences, and is integrated into other subject areas. Peer tutoring and one on one instruction supplement daily classroom activities.

Social Studies

rencontre gay pas de calais Social StudiesSocial studies encompasses the two areas of geography and American history. Map reading skills, topography, and the study of world cultures provide students with a broader knowledge of their world. American History is studied through a combination of lectures, reading, debates, discussion groups, hands-on projects and field trips. An awareness of history is important to understanding who and where we are as a nation and as individuals. Each year a special project rooted in history, but encompassing all aspects of the curriculum, provides students the opportunity to actually “live” the history they learn. We stress the human side of history as opposed to dry facts and time lines.


wikipedia reference ScienceInquiries, field study, classroom activities and collecting and analyzing data combine to engage students actively in the study of science. Attention is given to scientific terminology and the understanding of the scientific method through practical experience. In order to provide a broad range of experiences and spark individual interests, earth/space, physical, and life sciences are studied in alternate years.

Creative & Dramatic Arts

contactos con mujeres en la coruña ArtsThe Arts are an integral part of the Walden Curriculum. Students attend community cultural events, work with guest artists and receive classroom instruction in both visual and theater arts. Visual arts classes introduce students to the principles of design through work with a variety of media and techniques. Emphasis is placed on thinking, creating and self-expression. Theater arts classes focus on the three major areas of drama: pantomime, voice and improvisation. Theater is useful in improving students’ ability to communicate through speech and in nonverbal ways. It also helps them develop skills in concentration, problem solving and group interaction. Although students will frequently be given performance opportunities, an all school musical or major play production, integrating all of the arts, is held each year and is open to the community.

Physical Education

Physical EducationThrough team sports, games and other movement exploration, our young people are encouraged to be physically active. All students are given the opportunity to participate in and explore different sports activities in a supportive, non-competitive environment. Students benefit physically through better balance, coordination and endurance while increasing confidence and Improving social Interaction skills.

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