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Walden Middle School accepts The McKay Scholarship and The Step Up For Students Scholarship.  

vegan dating san diego The John M. McKay Scholarship Programmckay allows parents of students with disabilities to choose the best learning environment for their children.The parent of a Florida public school student who is dissatisfied with the student’s progress may request a McKay Scholarship to enroll in and attend a private school. The McKay Program puts the power back into the parent’s hands. Schools are not “one size fits all.” Parents should look into all of their options and choose which best suits the needs of their individual child. firmly believes that the McKay program is not about public vs. private school. It is about each and every individual child. It is about the parent s of those children, who know their child better than anyone, and in turn, know what is BEST for their child.  

Step Up for Students_logo_78Step Up For Students was created to help alleviate the enormous educational challenges faced by children in Florida who live near poverty. The program provides Tax Credit Scholarships to students in K-12 who come from low-income families. These scholarships allow the students to consider a private school or an out-of-district public school that may better suit their individual needs, an option which already is available to families of greater financial means. This choice is not based on whether the public school is judged as succeeding or failing. Rather, it recognizes that different children learn in different ways and that our collective struggle is to help the students who often are at the greatest disadvantage in modern education.

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Tuition and fees may be paid in full on an annual, semi-annual, monthly, or weekly payment plan.

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