Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Walden School so small? аct School HouseWe feel that the advantages of being a small school far outweigh the disadvantages. Middle school students need a lot of support and personal attention. This is a period of enormous changes when more is expected of them academically, and they are facing new emotional and physical challenges. Safety is also a factor. Our students feel safe and secure in the school environment, which helps them focus on academics. Peer pressure seems to be less of an issue in a small environment. Students are less concerned about outward appearances and get to know and accept each other as individuals. moderate We encourage students to participate in sports and other social activities outside of school. This gives them a broader base of friends and experiences and enhances their social development. We find that our students are confident both socially and academically when they reach high school age. They have had time to get to know themselves and are ready to face the challenges that high school brings.

Where do most of the students go after 8th grade? Diploma IconMost of our students have gone on to magnet school programs in the high schools. Our students have been accepted into the International Baccalaureate programs both at St. Petersburg High School and Palm Harbor University High School, Pinellas County Center for the Arts at Gibbs High School, The Criminal Justice Academy at Pinellas Park High School, Pinellas Academy for the Technical Arts at Gibbs High School, The Program for International Culture and Commerce at Clearwater High School, and the 21 st Century Learning Center and Teaching Arts Academy at Largo High School. Our students have also been accepted at St. Petersburg Catholic High School.

Is your school accredited?

еlect singulair uk AccreditedWalden School is not accredited. Accreditation boards are assembled privately and supported by schools to help ensure a standard level of education. Seeking accreditation forces a school to look hard at its goals and philosophies and helps all staff and faculty members to recognize whether or not they are in step with the mission and philosophy of the school. This is especially helpful in a larger school setting. qualify We feel that the process of self-evaluation is on-going for us. Because we work so closely together, we are constantly reviewing practices that work, those that need revising, and those that should be left behind. The yearly Iowa Test scores, acceptance rates of our students to magnet programs/honors programs, and the feedback from our Walden families are consistent indicators of how Walden’s program is faring.

Based on our experiences to this point we are not currently seeking accreditation. This has no bearing on any high school acceptance, so it does not impact the students. If we feel that accreditation will improve our program, we will seek it at a future date.

Do you follow the state guidelines?

recherche femme 21 Curriculum IconOur curriculum meets the criteria set for middle schools by the state. While our curriculum is academically challenging, we are small enough to offer special help to students who need it. We administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills in the spring. This measures a student’s progress against national norms.

Do you offer before or after school care?

marriage without dating ep 7 sub indo TimeA teacher is usually at school by 7:00 a.m., if a student needs to arrive early. We do not offer after school care, but many of our Students walk the two blocks to Gulfport Library to work on homework until they are picked up.

How much homework can we expect? HomeworkThe students generally have nightly homework in math, history, and science. In addition, they have on-going research projects in Investigations for which they must delegate time. All homework is a review of the daily class work and is an integral part of the final grade. You can expect an hour’s worth of homework nightly. When a student is absent we do expect all work to be made up.

What is the role of a Walden parent?

il ya des rencontres qui ParentsWe keep in close contact with our families. We expect parents to monitor their child’s progress and to let us know of any questions or concerns as promptly as possible. There is no formal parent organization at Walden, but families socialize throughout the year with school picnics, pot lucks, and special programs.

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